APS School District K-12 Serial Covid Testing

STUDENTS,Get paid to Covid Test!



A participating student will receive $25 for the first COVID-19 test that is administered through this program. Students then receive $10 for every subsequent test administered each week (at a maximum of one incentive per week). Students will not receive this financial incentive if the school opts out of the incentive program.

A participating student in a participating school will receive student incentives. The student will receive a gift card monthly and retroactively. For example, if your student is tested in September, they will receive a gift card loaded with their total incentives for September in October.


The links below can be used for your students and staff to register for testing. Parents will have to register their children under 18 as dependents and sign the testing waiver.

Staff Only (No student registration) [Only students receive payments]

Testing starts Friday April 15 and every Friday thereafter until end of the school year