James Colestock, the pride of Fort Wayne, Indiana, now lives and teaches in the Denver Metro area. Before becoming an educator, Mr. Colestock was a proud Mastodon at IPFW – a joint campus of Indiana University and Purdue University – where he studied Business and Computer Science, setting him up for a successful career as an IT Professional. In 2012, Mr. Colestock decided to set aside the corporate world and pursue his long-standing interest in teaching.  In addition to multiple Career & Technical Education endorsements, Mr. Colestock holds a B.S. in Business Administration and an M.A. in Secondary Education.

With his experience in a variety of business and technology settings, Mr. Colestock is excited to bring the real world into the classroom and to help students connect what they are learning in their courses to their future plans and ambitions. When he’s not working with students, Mr. Colestock is often found playing his guitar or watching his beloved Chicago Cubs.