sam song

Mr. Sam Song, is the Spanish teacher for Spanish 1 and 2 at APS Online. Sam has a multicultural background and that makes him very diverse.

Mr. Song was born in South Korea and when he was 5 years old his parents decided to move to Argentina. Buenos Aires! the home of Leonel Messi, where he had an opportunity to spend his primary times there and learn Spanish. During my middle school, his parents decided to make one more move, into the United States, where he had the opportunity to spend the second half of his youth. This is how Mr. Song picked up his third language.

Mr. Song has lovely wife and two beautiful children who keep him company when he's home. It is a goal of Sam's to make a connection with students who live in this multicultural times with his multicultural background and help them in their path to success. Sam is excited to be with at APS Online.