How to Enroll:

•Referral: Students will need a referral from a counselor, administrator, or re-engagement specialist.
•Orientation:  Students & Parents must attend an orientation that outlines the various programs and their expectations.
•Paperwork: After orientation, the student will need to return to their counselor to complete a student questionnaire, along with the
  counselor completing a recommendation form on behalf of the student.
Interview: Once the paperwork is completed, the transitions coordinator will contact the family to set up a final intake interview
  for the upcoming hexter.
•Discovery Program: If students are accepted and are attending APS Avenues Online, they will be enrolled.  If students are
  attending the alternative programs at Pickens or Montview, they must complete a hexter of the Discovery Program.

Contact Information:  If you need help, send an email/call/text:

  Jamarr Kerney 

  APS Avenues Transitions Coordinator  

  Phone: 720-768-4645 




APS Avenues at Pickens Technical College:

500 Airport Blvd.

Aurora, CO 80011

(We are around the back of Pickens Technical College, near the Testing Center)

APS Avenues  at Montview:

Main Office and Records

11351 E MontviewBlvd.

Aurora, CO 80010

APS Avenues at Gateway High School (Middle Schoolers):

1300 S. Sable Blvd.

Aurora, CO 80012

(We are around the back of the building by the tennis courts)


Any Questions?  Please call (303) 326-1100.