APS Avenues Lockdown Procedures:

General Practices for all Lockout/Lockdowns

  •   All exterior doors will be locked

  •   All students will be moved inside the building

  •   No Admittance to the building will be allowed during an Orange or Red Lockout/Lockdown except for APD, APS    Security or AFD

    Lockdown (RED) – Severe Security Risk

    Threat in the Building or School Grounds

  •  All teachers will immediately cease instruction and move with their students into a secure duck and cover location   within the classroom. Lights will be turned off and all noise is to cease. All windows and blinds will be drawn and closed

  •  All administration will go to their duck and cover location and there will be radio silence from the school.

  •  If there is an active event, the building will then be under the control of the APD, APS Security, and the AFD if necessary. Avenues administration will release the school once the threat is cleared by the APD, APS Security and AFD.

                 Lockout (Orange) – High Security Risk

                 Threat in the area immediately Surrounding APS Avenues

  •  All Students and staff will be moved into the building.

  •  All Interior and exterior doors will be locked and closed, and all blinds and windows will be closed.

  •  Classroom instruction will continue as usual, but students will not change class or have passing periods.

  •  Only the APD, APS Security and the AFD will be allowed to enter the building.

  •  If the Lockout happens during lunch, admin will work with District security and operations to determine how lunch  

     will be handled.

    Lockout (Yellow) – Potential Security Risk

    Possible threat in the neighborhood around APS Avenues

  •  Students and staff will be moved inside.

  •  Classes and school functions operate as normal within the building.

  •  All Interior and Exterior doors will be locked and closed.

  •  Normal entry procedures will be followed for allowing visitors into the building.

  •  APS Avenues admin will help to put extra supervision on the exterior doors.

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