An Alternative Path to Success

APS Avenues: An Alternative Path to Success
Posted on 08/13/2023

In Aurora Public Schools, we believe diversity is our strength. Diversity, however, not only applies to the rainbow of ethnicities and cultures our nearly 40,000 students represent. It also speaks to our population of diverse learners.

To meet the unique needs of all APS students, we transitioned our APS Online High School and Rebound Ombudsman Program into a single blended platform of services called APS Avenues!

APS Avenues features three paths our eighth through 12th grade students can take on their quest to graduate high school. The first is an online-only option for students who thrive in an independent learning environment. The second is a face-to-face option for those who prefer a classroom setting five days a week. Finally, a blended option allows students to learn online and attend half-day classes throughout the week.

“I love my school because it’s flexible and offers smaller classes, allowing us to spend more time with teachers,” said APS Avenues senior Stephanie Atayde . “I look forward to graduating high school and being the first in my family to go to college.”

APS Avenues provides students the resources available at our comprehensive schools, including college placement, personal and group counseling, referrals for special services and more. It also offers the Discovery Program, a six-week course that helps students gain the necessary skills to thrive. For example, students learn social-emotional skills such as conflict resolution, communication, assertiveness and more, which boosts their self-esteem and productivity.

“Students who haven’t necessarily done well or are just not invested in their education enroll in APS Avenues and are willing to come to school every day,” said APS Avenues Exceptional Student Services Teacher and Staff Chair Jennifer Lutchi. “They don’t want to leave. They want to be here.”

“If I didn’t have APS Avenues, I feel like I would’ve been lost,” APS Avenues graduate Vanessa Molina adds.

APS is committed to equity in learning. We are proud to offer a non-traditional program that supports students in shaping successful futures.